After Words Paranormal was a paranormal investigating team for about five years. I also took "ghostbusting" classes from a local community college, and from the folks at Asylum 49 Haunt (Old Tooele Hospital). I haven't been on an investigation for about five years.  I miss it!!  I have more photos and *EVP's, and will make them part of the bonus content for patrons of the Cemetery Hill Library (aka After Words Paranormal Podcast). 

Here are some photos and evp's I've collected over the years. I "debunk" the evidence to the best of my abilities, and won't post anything I feel is "ify."  My motto is: When in doubt, bunk it out! 

 I'd love to know your opinion of these photos and EVP's. You can send in your own photos, stories and EVP's, or whatever to

*EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. The theory is that spirits can communicate through electronic devices, using the energy and frequency the devices use to operate. 

Using headphones does help, but some of the EVP's have been amplified.  Turn your computer volume down to start with, then increase as needed. I don't want you to blow out your ears!  You may need to listen closely or a couple of times to catch it.  Each EVP is presented with the context surrounding its capture.  The static in the background of some EVPs is a ghost box.  it scans stations very quickly and theory is that spirits can use the blank frequencies to communicate.

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"Frank" was captured at the Old Tooele Hospital (now Asylum 49 Haunt) in one of the emergency rooms.  I asked, "Who brought you here?"  See if you agree with the answer.


This EVP was gathered on the 5th floor at the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, CO.  There was a story of a little girl who fell from the upper balconies, and a definate male presence on the 5th floor.  I wasn't asking any questions but it seems someone wanted to talk.  I think there are three voices.  One says, "Help me," at the very beginning, then two young males speak.  One seems to say his name is Jeremy, and he doesn't want to be there.  See what you think. Apologies for the poor recording quality

A fellow investigator sang Amazing Grace in the hospital lab.  Even though there was no ghostly applause, someone seemed to like it.

the cat liked it.mp3

Collected at the old Utah Museum of Natural History.  It was the original University of Utah library, and it sounds like a snoopy librarian is wondering what we're doing.  It's right at the beginning.

We asked about the comfort of the hospital, and got this response.


help me jeremy.mp3


In the old botany dept. of the Old Natural History Museum.  We asked for a name, and got a response. We'd been talking for about 20 mins. using the EMF meter.


This is in the museum upstairs near the Civil War exhibit.  I think it's residual; someone expressing love to a soldier.

The next three were gathered at the Fort Douglas Museum, Salt Lake City, UT.  We were discussing how difficult it would be to live in a submarine.  We think it says, "Yeah, you'd find it rough." The first two are from the submarine/navy exhibit, the last one from upstairs near the Civil War exhibit.  I think the third one is residual; someone saying good-bye.


From the Glenwood Cemetery, Park City, UT.  We were talking to the resident ghost hosts, Michael and Rose Crowley. Again, the recorder was not very good.

 You'll hear me walking down the stairs, then, "What's going on here?"  As I continue walking, "Here I am."


Love you too..very much.mp3

Mike and Rose.mp3

At the Rio Grande train station, Salt Lake City.  I got some responses to my questions.


Also at the Rio Grande.  Is it, "Ahh, there goes the train!" or "Ah, they're ghosting?"


 These were all collected from the JRC (Jordan Resource Center), a school for tough teens in Midvale UT.   It's now closed.

pingI'm here.mp3


I'm not afraid.mp3

talk to you.mp3

Hide it!.mp3

 These were collected in The Rio Grande Train Station, Salt Lake City, UT, Spring 2012.  In the first one, I felt a little music was needed.  My fellow investigator liked the song, and so did someone else.  The whistle came a but after the song ended, so I erased the rest of the song on Audicity.


.A friend and I had quite a conversation with Olivia starting in an upstairs restroom and later in the board room.

Just a whisper to let us know someone was there.

Here,now Rio stairs.mp3

This breath was audible to the naked ear.  The footsteps were heard in analysis.

Steps Breath in the bathroom.mp3

 Glenwood in Park City, Utah, and the Salt Lake Cemetery.  

Olivia yes.mp3

I had a strong feeling Olivia wanted to sing, and she did!

Olivia sings.mp3

Glenwood Cemetery





Salt Lake Cemetery.  It seems spirits do hang around their graves on occasion, joke around and want to be left alone.










This one sounds almost like an evp over the top of the ghost box.  Anyway, someone didn't like us being there.


This is also from Salt Lake Cemetery.  Are we hearing a spirit, or intercepting a drug deal communication?  I fear the living more than the dead...

I have the stuff.mp3